Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Week Ninety Five

(No pictures this week so I found some pictures online so everyone could see the beautiful area he is living in.)

I hope that all is well in the Clifford home this week. 

So I had some special changes again. I got a phone call on Wednesday morning saying to pack my bags because they needed me in Zihuatanejo and well, here I am. I have to say that it is a really beautiful area and I have been really blessed with the opportunity to work here. I'm still not quite sure that I will end my mission here, but I am hoping that that will be the case. Zihuatanejo is a little beach town, around 10 minutes away from Ixtapa, and it is super beautiful here. You can see the ocean from our house and its always really cool and fresh. Also a super awesome bit of news is that my new companion is another American!! Finally haha. 22 months later and I finally have my first american companion. His name is Elder Herrmann. He is from Utah. We've gotten along really well so far and we are looking forward to having a great time together for our next change. Around half our ward works in Ixtapa so we are down there working once or twice a week. Its super weird to see American tourists all over the place, but its an advantage because we both speak English and the contacts are made a lot more easily. 

A cool spiritual experience we had this week happened on Friday. We barely had a day working together and we were able to go work with the ward mission leader. We went to the house of a less active sister and we started to teach her. She was super happy to see us! We began to teach the lesson and we were super amazed that she was less active! She knows a ton and she has a seemingly great testimony. Well, we started talking and we had the impression to ask if she had any neighbors or friends that could listen to that very lesson. It was kind of weird actually, just like 10 minutes in we felt like we should do it. So we asked her and she was like, Well just my little brother, I dont know if you want to teach him? We said yes and we invited him and it was awesome! He's 9 years old and the first thing that he told us is that he wanted to be baptized and that he's wanted to go to church for the last few months! Well we taught them, extended a few commitments and left, completely amazed by what had just happened. Well, it was even more surprising on Sunday when we got to the church and they were there sitting in the chapel 20 minutes early!! Needless to say, the Lord will always bless us! 

Other than that, life is great and I am super happy. I hope that you guys are all doing okay! Have a great week!!

Elder Clifford

Monday, May 23, 2016

Week Ninety Four

These pictures are from Playa Azul, a place where we go to work every single week!! Its super pretty there! 

These are my companions!! Elder Villalta from El Salvador and Elder Santiago from Oaxaca.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week Ninety Three

No letter from Elder C this week because he had to catch a bus to Morelia for a training meeting.  Luckily we were blessed with pictures on the mission facebook page from Sister Egginton!

(This picture is especially cute to Elder C's mom because I know when he is nervous he twists his hair.)

Monday, May 9, 2016

Week Ninety Two

Elder Clifford was able to visit Uruapan last week!
(Thank you to Hermana Egginton for the pictures!)

Zone activity
(Thank you to Elder Wagner for the picture!)

Good Monday to ya!! I hope that everyone has had a fantastic week!

The heat is just going up down here. I think that I have not stopped sweating since I stepped off the bus but whatever I still feel fantastic. This week was a great week!! We had some special interviews and we got to run over to Uruapan for a few days! It was super great to be able to go visit all of my converts but I mean I only left there a week and a half ago so it was kind of funny. They didn't expect to see us at all but it was honestly a great chance to go and share messages with them and strengthen them. I'm grateful for every one of them and the things that they have taught me. 

Funny story this week...... Yesterday while we were waiting in the church for our ward council meeting this huge lizard snuck into the church. It ran around for awhile and then some members saw it and they started to freak out. I was like what the heck how are you guys freaking out about a lizard there are literally millions of lizards down here! You see lizards all over the place and then out of nowhere one gets in the church and everyone has a melt down. Well it ran around all over the place and everyone was trying to pick it up but no one could. It ran into a corner and no one could get it out and I tried to get it and it bit my finger! It didn't draw blood or anything but man that scared the crap out of me! I didn't even know that lizards could bite. But yeah I can only imagine how that must of looked, like 15 people trying to catch a lizard that snuck into the church but no one could do it and they were all running into each other and etc. But yeah at the end someone finally caught it, and they put it in the air triumphantly and then out of nowhere it pooped all over the guys hand!! He freaked out and threw the lizard and we were all on the chase all over again. I got my sweat rag out and I finally got it and we took it outside where it ran off. But yeah, not that funny I guess but more of the interesting fact of the week. 

I still haven't eaten anything crazy this week but I can't wait to see what happens. 

Keep doing good stuff.

Elder Clifford

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Skype!

It was so great to talk with Elder Clifford today and see his face!!  
71 more days until we see him in person!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week Ninety One

Elder Clifford and his new companion Elder Blanquel

Hey family! 

Not much going on here but I wanted to write a good letter because I haven't done so in a while. Lazaro is super cool! I used to not believe all the stuff I heard about it but its almost all pretty true. It's super hot, and we're not even into the hottest part of the year yet, and there is fruit all over the place. Every fruit grows here. I see mango and coconut trees, and almond trees all over the roads that I am walking. There are tons of dirt roads, and that's saying something because I am one of the blessed missionaries working kind of close to the town center! You can just pick a mango off a tree while you are walking and eat it if you want! I also saw a lot of iguanas and geckos and all kinds of lizards and animals like that this week. I have heard that we eat iguana here but I haven't gotten to try it yet. 

Other than that all is well. Just spending the whole day drinking water and sweating. My new companion is named Elder Blanquel, he is from Mexico City and he's new but he is doing his best to help open this area up. There is not a lot of leadership down here, but I love every one of the members that I have met so far. They are all super excited to have us here and they have helped us more than I ever imagined that they would. 

This week I learned a lot about humility. There are times when we think that we are humble. But then we are taught that we are not as humble as we thought. I learned a lot about it this week and I wish that I could explain it better, but for this reason that will be the focus of my weekly studies. Have a good week I love you guys!

Elder Clifford

I lost my cameras memory card and all of my pictures so I have no pictures this week.

(Luckily Hermana Egginton posted pictures on the mission facebook page so we have some pictures!  And yes, since his camera was robbed last year and he lost 800 pictures and now has lost his memory card and lost 600 new pictures that means he will have very few visual memories of his mission.  Thank goodness the memories in his heart will never fade.)

 Elders Clifford, Lavery and Dance with their new companions at training in Guadalajara.

 Elder Clifford and Elder Lavery

 The Elders are NOT photobombing the Hermana's!!

 Learning from Presidente Egginton