Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week Forty Three

Greetings from Mexico........

This week went pretty well. We’ve been working like crazy so we can find new people to teach and little by little we’re starting to find more people. The investigator that we found last week is really doing well. He’s progressing toward his baptismal date in 2 weeks and I think that he’s going to make it there. We have a bunch of other investigators that are going well as well. Pretty much everywhere I look I see new investigadores.

Still raining like crazy here. Well, only in the afternoon. We leave the house and it looks like it’s just gonna be a clear day and it’s not gonna rain and then it tricks me and 10 minutes later it’s raining. One of the days it rained so hard that all of the roads surrounding the city became like rivers and needless to say it was crazy. I took a video but I don’t know if I can send videos on here. Either way the rain has been pretty fun.

I studied a lot about charity this week. It’s really important to have charity as a missionary. Every day I see chances to help people in the street, or to help members with stuff they need to do, or to just plain help my companion. Each time that I feel tempted to get mad or angry with my companion I tell myself to be quiet and I look for an opportunity to serve him. I shined his shoes a number of times, and each time I did it I just forgot the reason why I was upset and could go back to working like normal. Whether he’s noticed or not I have no idea. He hasn’t said anything so I figure no, but either way, the point of charity isn’t the recognition. It’s just about the love for your fellow man. I invite everyone reading to look for an opportunity to serve someone this week.

Oh, have I got a funny experience this week. Right now in Mexico all of the political parties are running their campaigns because the vote is next week. One of the days we were walking through the center of Acambaro and really far away we could hear like some chant or something. Then all of a sudden this huge crowd of people stormed the street chanting and singing songs and spreading propaganda for their political party. We quickly got off the street and we sat and watched for a minute. Literally, around 500 people walked down the street, all of them singing and stuff. Then when everyone had passed, it was as quiet as it had been before, almost as if nothing had happened. Needless to say we moved on, but it was pretty funny to just see a huge crowd of people appear out of nowhere. They all tried to give me free tshirts and stuff but I said no because I figured it would be better if I kept myself out of politics. Next thing you’ll know they’ll have me running for President and it’ll say Guerro for President and that’s not something I need right now.

That’s about it. Hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Clifford

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