Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week Forty Seven

Good afternoon!!!

This week was goodish. But yeah, things go well here in Acambaro. We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday so I’m super excited to see how everything goes.

But yeah, to the good stuff - The work in Acambaro is kind of crazy right now. For the next two weeks they are going to have the fair so all of the people in Acambaro go the fair every night. Fireworks and stuff like that are going off the entire day and night, so it kind of always feels like a party. The big day is the Fourth of July, I have no idea, I’m thinking it’s kind of like how the United States celebrates the 5 de Mayo even though they have no idea what it’s about, but everyone supposedly goes nuts on this day. Partying for the entire day and all that good stuff. So yeah, I’ll have to let you guys know how that goes.

Today we went and climbed these super old stairs to the top of the mountain so we could see all of Aacambaro. It was super awesome and it was a great way to relax and enjoy the view. Funny experience….. So today coming back from the mountain we saw this super old guy in short shorts and a bunch of exercise stuff running up the stairs. This guy had to have around 70 years on him and he was straight sprinting up the stairs that had me weezing at around half way. But yeah we saw him heading up and laughed a little and just kind of forgot about him. Around 10 minutes later I just hear this guy running crazy fast behind me yelling, “I’m going I’m going, excuse me, I’m going”. Me and my comp turned around at the same time and the old dude just sprints right in between us and throws his hands up in the air like he just won a marathon or something. He runs up to this statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe that they had on the corner and immediately offers this prayer thing. He ended, yelled some sort of gibberish and kept running. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still running. I think the moral of the story would be that when I have 70 years, even if I’m this super toned rockstar athlete, I’m definitely not gonna wear short shorts.

But yeah that’s about all I’ve got this week. Everybody have a good one.

Elder Clifford

 Elder Clifford and his companion Elder Duran with two guys from one of the local wards.

 Elder Clifford and Elder Duran!

 Acambaro Mexico

Notes from Elder Clifford's mom:

There are more than 1000 stairs here!!  At the top there is a prayer temple, this is a significant historical spot in Acambaro.  The celebrations culminating on July 4th are for Our Lady of Refuge (the Virgin Mary).  Every city has their their own traditions and from what I have found Acambaro has a festival for a few weeks with fireworks, parades and native dances.

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