Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bonus Letters

Hi, how are you?  How is your new companion???????  I'm going back on track tomorrow it's super sad.  Have you done anything intresting last week?  I havn't. Have a good day. 

I'm good. I think he's good. Yeah, school will do that to a person. Maybe you'll have interesting stuff happen at school.

Hello How are you I think we are 3rd in our division for soccer. We had real lasagna for dinner today. Do people only cook mexican food there? We have 6 more weeks until school is over. I have 3 soccer games this week. Did you get any people this week I forgot what they are called? Have a good week. 
Love Carter

Pretty much only Mexican food. Well I don't know what Mexican food is for you guys but yeah nothing out of the ordinary. I have no idea if I got people this week. Have a good one. Finish off the school year strong.
Elder Clifford

How are you? Did you have a good week? Today is my birthday, which is fun. On Thursday, I faced the first jv singles of East in a singles match, and almost won, finishing the game at 6-8.Our team lost that one though, it ended up 2-3. We are facing Judge on Tuesday, and Woods Cross on Thursday, then we are done with the season. 

Well happy stinking birthday. I hope its a good one. Good luck with the rest of your season. Keep working on the whole tennis thing. It'll give you something to do for the rest of the summer. Happy birthday. Eat some cake for me.
Elder Clifford

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week Thirty Eight

Elder Clifford and Elder Garcia and the sweet Sister they baptized a couple of weeks ago.
(name withheld for privacy)

Good afternoon!! It sounds a lot weirder in English. But yeah, how’s it going? This week was pretty good.

We started off Monday night right by finding two new investigators. They accepted everything that we taught surprisingly well. But yeah this week we had a lot of opportunities to teach people and to look for people to teach. I’ve kind of gone back to the basics and I’m studying the restoration again but this time with the focus of learning how to explain it more simply. Other than that this week was pretty normal. Looking for people to teach everyday stuff like that. Although yesterday was pretty crazy I guess.

So lately we've been receiving lots of references to this pueblo around 30 minutes away from Acambaro and they’ve just been stockpiling up so yesterday I figured that we would go check out what’s up with this place. After our lunchdinner we headed out in search of a bus that would take us over there. We found a bus and hopped on and before you knew it we were in the middle of nowhere. Getting off the bus all I could see was this tiny little town and a big Catholic church in the middle. Nothing else. Like 100 houses surrounding a Catholic church. Well yeah, that’s normal, so we get going with the search for the people. Turns out that all of them gave us incorrect information because none of the streets that they said they lived on existed. Well yeah, after an hour we figure we should probably get out of there. Something tells me that the middle of nowhere is not the best place to be at night time so we started heading towards the area where we hopped off the bus. We see this old lady and then we ask her how often the bus passes by. Every 30 minutes. But the one you guys came in on was the last bus of the day. No more are going to come. Well great. We’re around 6 or 7 miles away from Acambaro. How the heck am I supposed to get back? I immediately start calling the numbers of every member we have on our cell phone. No one answers. And those that do answer say that they are busy and sorry and all that. Looks like we're walking then. So yeah we walked back to Acambaro. An hour and a half or two hours of walking. We got back at around 7:30 and immediately started looking for people to teach again. Nobody. Exhausting day, but it was a pretty good one. You would think i would have been pretty angry and tired and grumpy like I usually would have gotten but nah, I just felt happy the whole day. The spirit carried me through everything and it seemed like a normal day. So yeah, that’s my experience of the week. Not bad I guess.

Elder Clifford

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week Thirty Seven

A great few weeks here. Sorry I didn’t have very much time to write last week so I’ll cover everything.

Last Friday we had the ward talent show and a baptism. It was great because like 100 people went to the show and all of them went to the baptism as well. It was kind of crazy that every single person in the crowd went quiet when it was time for the ordinance.

This week I got my new companion, his name is Elder Lopez, he’s from Mexico City, and he’s really excited to get working here in Acambaro. We're going to work hard though and I'm gonna do my best to help him feel welcome and have success in his first area.

This week was a little bit crazy but it was enjoyable as well. To start off the week we made the 6 hour trip from Guadalajara to Acambaro. We started working as soon as we got in and we found a family to teach within the hour. They accepted the message that we shared with them pretty well and I’m excited to see how they progress.

We had lots of funny experiences this week but I’ll share one of the better ones. One night when we were getting ready to go to bed I picked up the keys to the apartment so I could go lock the door. When I got to the door my comp freaked out and was like “No, no, you can’t go, where are you going?” I guess he thought I was going to leave or something but I think the funniest part was the sheer panic that you could see on his face. Like, oh my gosh, my comp is going to leave me here alone in a city that I don’t know yet. I laughed for like an hour. It pretty much counted as my weekly exercise. But yeah that’s about all I can think of for this week.

Sorry about the pictures. For some reason they won’t download today. I have like 10 to send too.

Letters from siblings

I like to include these letters because sometimes we learn more about Elder Clifford's mission experiences from the brief exchanges between he and his siblings!!

Hello how was your week. Did you do anything fun? We won our soccer game 5-3 and I scored a goal. Do they do camp outs for the quorum? Are the farms there big? Our trampoline is bent from the wind. Have a good week.
Love Carter

Awesome job on the soccer game!! They are going to have a camp out this month. Yeah, there are some big farms here. I'm sure I'll have a good week.

Hi how are you?  I got first in all my dances again for my competition including my duet.  I'm still off track I'm getting a new prince able I don't now when though.  Are you doing anything interesting? Love Kapree 

  I guess my work is always interesting. I'm starting to have to translate words into English sometimes. I guess that's sort of interesting.

Hola, como estas? Estoy muy bien. Last week the game at highland got cancelled, so it was rescheduled to this wednesday, so we face cyprus on tuesday, highland on wednesday, and east on thursday. So far our team is 6 and 1 including preseason, 1 and 1 without. Kearns had 9 courts there, but the needed to be resurfaced badly. Most of them had cracks or dead spots in them. We ended up winning that game, so that's good. Well, see ya!


Awesome that you won your tennis game. If you work hard enough all of high school you're probably going to be able to play college or something. Keep working hard and enjoying school.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week Thirty Six

Elder Clifford's mom was able to meet Elder Wagner's mom when she was visiting Salt Lake last week, so they took the opportunity to duplicate a picture their sons took in the MTC.

Elder Clifford only had a few minutes to email this week, so we figure combining the couple of lines he wrote his parents plus his replies to his siblings makes enough for a weekly letter!

My new companion is very new. I had to go to the offices of the misiĆ³n in Guadalajara to pick him up, being the reason for why I am just barely writing you now. We’re spending the night here and leaving for Acambaro tomorrow.​ I baptized *(his investigator, name omitted for privacy)* on Friday!! It was a great experience and I performed the ordinance without any problems. Comps name is Elder Lopez. He is from Mexico City. We’re going to work really hard together.

Hi how are you?  I got a competition this week.  I am off track still.  Are you doing any baptisms?  Is there any specific food you like?  Do you eat lots of coke?
Love Kapree

I’m here at last. I’m good. I baptized on Friday. I like tacos a lot. I drink lots of coca yes.

Hello How are you doing. My first game we lost 1-0 but I had about 10 shots on the goal. Did you do anything fun this week? Have you ever been inside any of the schools? What do they look like? Have you seen people on i phones there? Are there ever random monkeys on the streets?
Love Carter 

I had a Ward talent show, I had a baptism, I’ve never been inside a school. They look sort of like prisons actually. Yeah I’ve seen all the new cell pones, they are pretty huge! I’ve never seen a monkey here before.​

Hi! How are you this week? I'm doing good. This week, we have a tennis game at Highland, and then a tennis game at Kearns, so two long drives in one week. I have gotten a lot better at tennis. I have won 4 games out of 8, so that is pretty good for first year. Last term's GPA was a 3.8, so a lot better than a 3.5.  Well, see ya! 

​I hated Kearns when we went that one time. Awesome gpa keep working hard!

Elder Larson, Elder Wagner and Elder Clifford.
And their moms..........

Monday, April 6, 2015

Week Thirty Five

Let’s see….. what happened this week.

Oh yeah we finally got to see the movie [Meet the Mormons]. It was a really awesome experience actually. Around an hour before they were going to show the movie in our ward we figured we should try to make it awesome so we started calling as many people as we could think of. We called like 15 people and we figured that we would have around 30 or 40 attending. We were shocked when 100 people showed up. We had a lot of investigators there too and they all said that they liked it a lot.

Apart from that I really liked listening to general conference this weekend. I think my favorite talk was from Jeffrey R. Holland when he shared that story about the two brothers who went rock climbing or something like that and then he told his brother to go and find a stick so that if he died his brother wouldn’t see and then his brother ended up saving him. In general I liked all of the talks. It was awesome that Russell M. Nelson gave a talk about the Sabbath day because right after conference ended we taught one of our investigators that went to conference about the Sabbath day and we could testify of the things that he said.

That’s about all that really happened this week.

Elder Clifford