Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week Nine

Elder Clifford's Zone

Elder Clifford wasn't able to send a letter or pictures this week.  The computer was too slow for pictures and he was so busy replying to emails and emailing back and forth with his father and I it took the whole hour.  Per his request, I pieced together some of the emails that went back and forth and put together the following 'letter'.  As you can see, he is pretty down.  Please pray for our sweet Elder. 

Spanish for me this week was pretty bad. I’m trying to learn but people will not go easy on me. We still don’t have beds but I’m pretty sure that we are going to get them today. I’m healthy, and the food isn’t bad.

I did a lot of thinking this week and it was a really hard week.  It’s hard trying to teach people who laugh at you because you can’t speak their language as perfectly as they can. I wish I could have gotten something out of General Conference this week, I truly do, but I couldn’t understand any of it, because the stake wouldn’t put any subtitles up in English or anything, they just had these Spanish voice overs playing the whole time so I literally didn’t understand one talk in general conference. Those days were the worst this week, and I had been looking forward to the help I knew that I would get from the speakers for the whole week. I really hope you guys can help me out here, because I want to be as great a missionary as I can be but I’m having a pretty hard time. I know God won’t have me experience more than I can bear, although it feels really hard.  I’ll be fine I guess. It’s just hard on me because I can’t help but think that this is supposed to be one of the nicer parts of the misión and it’s really kind of poopy here. I know that I am blessed, and I know that missions aren’t supposed to be easy, but my life seriously sucks right now. I’ll keep trying and I’ve been trying my hardest every day. I go to bed, and I pray for like 30 or 40 minutes just hoping for an answer to my prayers and I have faith that I will see it, but I’ve looked all day every day for help and it doesn’t come. I’ll keep trying, praying and waiting but right now nothing is going positive for me. I wish it were easy but nothing worthwhile in life was ever easy. Hopefully things improve by next week.

I don’t know what city I’m in. I work in a huge área. My companion doesn’t understand English but its okay.
<This is mom.  Elder Clifford felt bad because there would be no letter, so he said to just put something together from the emailing back and forth, and then to add this 'funny story' from this week.>
This week on the way back from conference a member driving us home was crazy and tried to beat a train going like 90 mph. We barely made it across without getting hit.

 <At which point I replied - Whaaaa?  That scares me!!! He replied:>

It’s fine because I’m alive.

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