Elder Clifford is serving a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

E a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to Mexico Guadalajara East from August of 2014 to July of 2016.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week Three

Elder Clifford's mission scripture

Buenos Dias!

I made it through another week in this crazy place. I swear that the longer I stay here the less I have to talk about. I'm sure that as soon as I’m done writing this email I’ll be like, oh yeah I wanted to talk about that one thing and then I’ll run back to the computer and see that they are all taken up by other people. I guess that I’ll start off this letter by describing the West campus. And the obvious prejudice that the main campus has against the West campus. They are just jealous of our mad Spanglish skills ;)  But let’s see……

I’ll start things off with the place that matters more than anything else on this campus, the cafeteria. Well the Chapels probably matter more but they’re kind of like spiritual cafeterias that feed my soul. Anyways, the cafeteria is exactly what you'd expect a cafeteria to be. I won’t bother describing tables or anything lame like that. I’m here to talk about the people who work there. There's this one lady who we call El Diablo, who works in there, and she knows me by name and she has a serious issue with me. She literally watches me the whole time I eat like a hawk. First I should explain why she watches me like a hawk though, it’s probably not unwarranted. So here comes little brand new Elder Clifford, a little confident and a little shell shocked after his first day of the CCM. I think hey, you know what would be the greatest idea? (I swear that my brain hates me man).  I grab some ice cream with the innocent intention of taking one to my apartment and eating one on the way there. Who doesn't enjoy a nice walk with an ice cream? Well apparently El Diablo doesn’t because I get 1 foot out the door and I just hear this shrill voice scream at me "Elder, have some respect. You are an example of Christ, what are you doing stealing that ice cream?”  I turn around with a spoon full in my mouth, and I promise you I tried to explain but my mouth was full of ice cream. All that came out was what sounded like some kind of sarcastic grumble but I was trying to say, “Sorry I didn't know, I’m a newbie”.  Well, apparently I shouldn’t have taken my dork dot off of my nametag as soon as I got it because I looked like some kind of veteran of the MTC or something. How was I supposed to know that I’m not allowed to take food out of the cafeteria, it says all you can eat? What do you think, I’m gonna turn around and sell those little tiny pints of ice cream or something? Maybe I should just start up a little ice cream black market in the CCM to get back at these guys……  Anyways, she gives me a lecture and I just nod my head and I make the walk of shame in front of everyone in the cafeteria to put the ice cream back. This is what started it all with El Diablo. A week later I was playing this game called what are the odds, where if you and someone else say the same number then you have to do some kind of dare. I filled up a cup with powerade and chocolate milk and right as I started to drink it guess who came running over to my table?? None other than the Diablo herself. We got lectured how the kids in Mexico don’t have enough to eat and that we shouldn’t waste food. Well I wasn’t wasting lady, I was gonna chug that thing like the game demanded. She also caught me going through the line without swiping my card one time, but that one isn’t very interesting because she just told me to swipe my card. These are the reasons for my rivalry with the one I call El Diablo. The day I leave I will go into that kitchen and walk out with two ice cream in hand and my head held high. I will win the battle against El Diablo. So there’s that I guess.

The rest of the campus is an apartment complex converted into classrooms. I’ll send some pictures or something. Now onto the pressing matter at hand... The rivalry between West campus and main campus. Now I’ll admit that this may be slightly biased, and it may also be a little exaggerated, and that I may also be insane for thinking this, but hear me out. Every week the West campus has to wait for the main campus to file into the auditorium thing for devotionals and we only get to have like 50 people in the Choir. If I hadn’t made it into the choir this last week then I wouldn’t have randomly ran into Elder Chou. I don’t even like singing either. I just go so that I can see myself on the big screen. The entire time I just mouth the words and hope that no one notices. Anyways the main MTC is prejudice against the West side. Well probably not, but take my word for it someday the West campus will take over the main campus. We’ll have this all out language war and we'll lose a lot of people against the people learning Korean and Japanese and stuff, but we’ll win in the end because of el poder de nuestros corazons. (**Mom here, I had to look this up.  Translation: the power of our hearts.)  It'll be pretty legit.

Other than that this week was mostly eventless. We gave 3 blessing this week. I guess people saw how it helped the Hermana and wanted that help as well. This week we started teaching a progressing investigator. I doubt that he's a real investigator but it’s pretty fun when I get to talk. (MY COMPANION WONT EVER LET ME TALK!!) The kid goes on and on and then drops the hard questions off on me. I just speak from the heart though and tell them what I think about the question. It's funny, because this kid goes to all of this trouble to memorize lines and stuff to say to the investigators, and gets mad at me when I tell him I refuse to memorize anything other than the baptismal pledge, the first vision and our purpose. I’m not here to tell people words straight out of a book you know? I’m here to invite them to come unto Christ, and while I can do that by saying memorized lines, it will never be as powerful as when I look them in the eye and I tell them cree en mi. Cree in what I’m saying. (**Mom again!  Translation: Believe in me.  Believe in what I'm saying.)  I promise you that your prayers will be answered, or I know that if you read the book of Mormon and pray faithfully, that you will be given an answer that it’s true. I refuse to memorize lines, because I know that as long as I’m worthy, and as long as I study hard, that the Holy Ghost will give me the words that I need to say to that person in the very moment that I need them. Now I know that these aren’t real investigators, but these are real members, with real problems, and there’s a possibility that what I say may just give them the strength or the help that they need to get through whatever thing they need to get through at the moment.  I love helping people and teaching lessons and bearing my testimony and I feel really strongly that I need to push through all my problems. It’s a little hard because I feel like Dios doesn't really listen to my prayers sometimes. Funny thing is that I’ve taught people the reasons for that in full Spanish and now my new investigator is kinda myself. It’s probably true that your first convert needs to be yourself.   I've gotta end here because I’m just above the hour writing minute, but I want you all to know that I love you, and that if you will put all of your faith in Christ, that he will help you and he will carry you through your problems. I promise you that. 

Hope this week goes well for all of you guys!!

Love, Elder Clifford

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